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IELTS Advantage / Disadvantage Essay Sample (Corrected)

Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic.

What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

Recently,Nowadays it seems to be boring for people to go to travel into some locations where we used to go, e.g. Japan or Europe. People would like to have some exciting experiences inon their trip, so they choose places like the Sahara desert or places wherethat ordinary people cannot even name. These places are using havinghave tough conditions. Therefore, there must be some good things and bad things if we travel to these places.

From an optimistic viewpoint, people would like to travel into these extraordinary places to experience something different, usually, the things they see or try in these locations are unique; they cannot find them in cities with tall buildings. For example, the articlight in the Antarctic arearegions. People who sawhave seen them all saidsay it wasis a once in a lifetime experience and they will not forget it till they die. And indeed, seeing these special sceneries is really unforgettable and no other places in the world have them. Besides sceneries, people can also experience some very different lifestyles and cultures which they have never seen whenif they live in a city.

However, there is also a bad side if people travel in these places. As the conditions are tough in these areas, e.g.they may experience extreme temperatures. People who are used to a city lifestyle may not know how to deal with them. In some severe cases, people may need immediate rescue, but as these areas are usually not ordinary residential areas, it is not easy for any rescue teamsemergency services to go for rescueaccess them. AndIt is very difficult to ask forget help from other people as there is no one around.

As aIn conclusion, it is necessary for people haveto understand the risks before they visit these places, and after thorough consideration, if they still want to go, they have to make sure they get very well-prepared and go at their own risk.

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