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Writing Off-Topic in IELTS Writing Task 2

When writing an IELTS Writing Task 2 essay, staying on topic is crucial. Failure to do so will result in a loss of marks and a low band score.

One common mistake that test takers make is writing off-topic. This means that they do not fully address the specific question prompt and instead write about something related but not entirely relevant.

For example, if the prompt is “Some people believe that technology has made communication between people less personal. Do you agree or disagree?” and the test taker writes an essay about the history of technology and how it has evolved over time, they are writing off-topic.

When test takers write off-topic in IELTS Writing Task 2, they lose marks in the Task Response criterion. The Task Response criterion measures how well the test taker addresses the specific question prompt and whether they fully develop their arguments. Writing off-topic means that the test taker does not fully address the question prompt, and as a result, they will receive a lower score for Task Response. See more information on how IELTS Writing Task 2 essays are checked.

To avoid this mistake, it is essential to carefully read the question prompt and understand what it is asking. Make sure that you fully address all parts of the question and provide relevant examples to support your arguments.

In conclusion, writing off-topic in IELTS Writing Task 2 will harm your score. To avoid making this mistake, it is crucial to understand the question prompt and stay focused on the topic.

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